Glasgow International Match

Quick Recap:

I flew out of Portland Wednesday morning and landed in Glasgow Thursday afternoon. The hosting organization for this meet was great. Someone was waiting to pick me up and zoom me to the hotel.

I checked in and went on a nice shakeout run with my roommate for the weekend, Geena Gall. We definitely chose the wrong way to go on the path and ended up jogging six miles through old warehouses and dock buildings along the Clyde River. Good conversation made up for the lack of scenery. :)

After dinner and a solid night’s sleep (12 hrs, woohoo!), Geena and I decided on a day trip to Edinburgh. An easy 45 minute train ride, and we were 800m away from an amazing and historic castle. We paid the steep entry fee and spent about an hour wondering through the halls and buildings on sight. What a great experience. We could see the entire city of Edinburgh from the castle. It was such a nice escape from the hotel room!

Upon return, we did another shakeout run with a few strides from the hotel and a dinner of stuffed chicken, veggies, and potatoes. Though I knew what haggis was, I did not realize that’s what the chicken was stuffed with. Oh well, another Scottish experience!!

I slept well again and had a normal race-day morning. A little jog, a big breakfast, and a long wait…

Then, to the track! It was a well-run meet so it was easy to know what to expect. I did my normal warm-up then went to the call room for a little more waiting…

I stepped onto the track with a pretty definite race plan, which I didn’t follow at all. The race went out terribly slow, as expected, but because I had hip 1, I was on the rail and in the lead, without really wanting to be there. With three laps to go, I figured it was time to get the pace going. I knew the Russian (4:00 PR) and the German (4:04 PR) wouldn’t wait much longer. With one lap to go, I was on the leader’s shoulder, perfectly positioned to make a final pass for the win, but she slowly pulled away and I could not find another gear to stay with her! I truly wanted the win, but I’m satisfied (for now) with being competitive with two Olympians with much faster PRs than I have.

Positive take-aways: I dealt with the travel and time-change well. It was my first race of the indoor season and I was pleased. I closed in 1:35 for my last 600m - not sure I’ve ever done that before, especially indoors. It was a good start to 2013!

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  • 1 year ago