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It’s important to give it all you have while you have the chance.

Shania Twain
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Last workout before USAs at Cherokee Trail HS in Aurora, Co.

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Season Opener 2014

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Coming Home

When we made the decision to move our family to Beaverton, Oregon, we didn’t think we’d be right back where we started two years later. We moved out with the intentions of chasing our dreams to the end. We though it was the best way for Brent to reach his potential, being coached by the best and training with the best. As it turns out, what’s best isn’t necessarily what’s right for us as a family. So we’re back in Colorado, all together, where we belong. BUT our two years in Oregon weren’t for nothing. We cherish our time there.

Jerry is the best. Team Schumacher is the absolute BEST.

We moved there for Brent. He was the one making the “big bucks.” His career was/is our family’s livelihood. We had to do what was best for him. The choice was obvious. But, as it turns out, it was the best thing in the world for my running, as well.

In our two short years, here’s what I learned:

1. How hard women can actually train. Shalane. Flanagan. I’ve learned more from her than she will ever know. I pushed myself beyond what I thought I was capable of every three days for nearly two years. I PR’d in practice in every distance from 3k to 18 miles. 18 MILES! I ran 18 miles! (And it was only a fraction of Shalane and Kara’s workout.)

2. To expect success. To some degree, I think when you’re an “underdog,” success is scary. If I ever accomplished what I see in my head, how much would my world change? Drastically, right?! And that’s a bit scary. But when you stop thinking of success as a maybe, and start expecting it, that’s when good things happen. Evan, Dan, Lopez, Alan,  Bumbi, Nelly, Simon, Matt, Chris, CD, Elliot, German, Shalane, Kara, Lisa, Emily - they all showed me what it looks like to expect success. These guys are gamers. They’re not scared. Something I could afford to get better at.

3. Take yourself seriously. Our sport is full of skepticism and doubt. I’m totally guilty of spending way too much time worrying about other runners. This team has taught me to keep focus on doing things the right way. Hard work. Period, the end.

3. Runners are good people. I almost can’t believe how fortunate we are to have been a part of this team. We felt like family from day one. I feel loved, my husband feels loved, our kids feel loved. We’ve made friends for life. As tough as our sport can be, that’s one thing I’ll never take for granted.

It’s been a whirlwind of a last two years. World Indoor Team, DFL Olympic Trials 1500m, Oxy steeplechase success, missed opportunities…

Who knows what the future holds for our running. But come what may, our time in Oregon was invaluable. I would make the same decision in a heartbeat.

Love you guys.

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